ett - brings something unique to the theatres of Torino

Patrons of ett, what is it all about?

Without the generosity of many people ett would struggle to exist.  Some of our regular audience members wanted to help so decided to become our Patrons.  They give a small (or large) financial donation each year.  For this they have seats reserved for them at the performance of their choice and the knowledge that they are helping to bring English theatre performances to Torino.


If you run a business and would like a sponsored link on our website we would be happy to talk to you about this way of supporting our group. Email us here.

Generous Patrons of ett (in no particular order) are:  Bettina Cova, Norma Piras, Cristina Burdett, Edda Vercelli, Rosemary Vine, Deborah Gutowitz, Domenica Monteverdi, Sandie and Gunnar Gremlin, Raffaella Elia, Jackie Russell, Gabriela Culla, Nina Rook, Laura Castellani, Janet Bartolan, Carol Saxtree and others who prefer not to be named.

Would you like to offer us financial support for our future performances?  If so please contact Sally Rava our Fundraising Director, click here to send an email.  ett appreciates the support of our Patrons.

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