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A Monologue Matinee

December 2006

A series of monologues depicting the stresses and strains of everyday life with often tragic consequences!

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Paola DeGhenghi – Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – by Tennesse Williams

Maggie is a girl from Mississippi, USA. She married Brick for money but then fell very much in love with him. Brick, however, has taken to drinking and has ignored her for months. She is desperate to get him back as a husband, as a lover and as a man.

Sonia Rossi – Anna Christie - by Eugene O’Neill

Anna Christie is in the middle of a heated discussion with Chris, her father and Burke, the man who wants to marry her. Burke has just ordered her to get dressed to go onshore and marry him and Chris is ordering her not to.

Fiona Healy – Crimes of the Heart – by Beth Henley

Babe is talking to her lawyer about how she shot her husband. She shot her husband after he beat a young black boy with whom she was having an affair.

Holly Javadi – Her Aching Heart – by Bryony Lavery

A nun recounts her dream of a youthful fantasy.

Rhona Oliver – Her Big Chance – By Alan Bennett

Leslie is in the dressing room waiting for her turn to be called onto a film set. A bit- part actress whose `big chance’ casts her as a pawn in a porn game.

Connie Kelly Quercetti – Laughing Wild – by Christoper Durang

During an interview with a psychiatrist, a woman recounts her trip to the supermarket. There is only one small step between sanity and insanity ….

Jean Rossi – After Easter – by Anne Devlin

Greta is Irish, prone to depression and to increasingly unpredictable behaviour. Following an incident in which she was found sitting in the middle of the road, her husband has had her institutionalized.

Judith Trinchero – Trudy – The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life - by Lily Tomlin

Trudy is a bag lady. On a busy street corner she talks out loud, talking AT (rather than to) people coming and going around her without managing to engage them in dialogue.

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