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Anyone who has any experience or knowledge of ett will know about Connie Kelly Quercetti. For those of you who do not know her, or simply want to know more about her, I would suggest you read our newsletter written to tell everyone how much she will always be a part of ett.

To get you started, here is a first hand account of the beginnings of ett and how Connie got involved.  A big thank you to Jean Rossi for sharing this.

"A conversation in April 2000: 
Connie had offered to help with our workshop series, as it was my hope to start  a theatre group, so we were in a random little bar somewhere on Corso Casale, where I had invited her to come and meet Fay, 57, an experienced theatre director, actor and teacher.

I asked Connie, who would have been 44 at the time, what her background was, turns out she had a degree in Theatre from Philadelphia…(who knew) and had taken a part at Teatro  Regio.  After a bit I asked her what her goal was, and she replied immediately , “ I want to teach theatre.”  And Fay said, “You must! You must!”

The first workshop series was completed, with Fay as teacher and with Connie, my daughter Sonia and myself amongst the 8 participants. The second series was due to start in November, but at the last minute Fay pulled out, and we would have been left high and dry if it hadn’t been for Connie, who said, “ I’ll teach it, Jean, if Fay guides me with ideas and resources…” 

This was a start of a partnership that lasted til Fay’s death in 2006.  A partnership of two people so deeply into theatre, doing precisely what they loved the most.  At the funeral Connie described in an eloquent and moving  eulogy all she had learned from Fay.

At the end of the second workshop Connie wanted to put on a show: from the Womens’ Club she had already gathered more students, and now we gathered an audience.   This show was humbly entitled “Theatre Workshop Showcase: a selection of monologues for your pleasure and enjoyment”. It gave us a taste of Connie as director, and her attention to detail!!

The following year I spent  mostly out  of the country due to illness and deaths in my family, but Connie with Fay and the group, kept going, always and mainly, with the support of the Womens’ Club, which was where we had all met in the first place.

Sonia and I returned for the Monologue Matinee, and Sonia again for Only Yew.

This fifteen years of Connie’s inspiration, hard work and teaching will remain an unforgettable part of my life and I am very grateful for it.

Remember: be careful what you ask the Universe for ☺ it might be granted to you.

Connie's Newsletter


A copy of the programme from the first show (before ett!)


At the first show - (thanks to Jean Rossi for sharing this)

We want to keep this page alive with memories of Connie and ett.  Please help us by sharing your stories with us. Use the form below 

To start us off here are a few stories that had to be edited to fit into our newsletter.

"Connie taught me how to see the sun beyond the clouds.
Before meeting Connie I was a person who tent to concentrate on what I had lost, on what I did not have any longer and so on. It was as my eyes were oriented to see the past. She was able to change the orientation of my eyes. I met her at the IWCT on 1997. In a few months, she was elected President of the Club and took me to the Board as Hospitality chairperson. I was afraid of not being up to the task. She trusted me and gave me all the support I needed.  The more I knew her, the more I remained fascinated by her way to face life. I remember her saying: Let’s move on…It can’t be helped…let’s find another way… She was always ready to regain energy and enthusiasm. The tools she used were: honesty, friendship, straightforwardness, erseverance, simplicity, optimism, and about all, joy of life! Thank you Connie for having made me another person. I will always try to look at the world taking inspiration from your soul and seeing the world with your bright eyes."                                 Maria Teresa Grimaldi

I can't remember exactly when I first met Connie - maybe five or six years ago - but she immediately appealed to me as a very determined and reliable person. As a member of the Internatonal Women's Club Torino, I happened to attend one of its meetings when Connie was asking for extra help back stage with the latest English Theater Torino production. I had no experience whatsoever but as a regular theatre goer the opportunity sounded great. I immediately volounteered and worked with ett on five productions. I soon realized Connie's abilities and skills were first rate and essential to the ultimate good result, both in terms of actors' and actresses' support and of all the technical requirements which are the necessary accessories, in view of the final result. I have learned a lot as a consequence, so much so that I can better appreciate and enjoy a stage production every time I watch a play at the theatre. I wouldn't be able to do that now without Connie's everlasting contribution. Thank you so much.                                                                                                                                                                      Graziella Viglione

"Connie was her cheeky giggle and smile... her twinkle in her eyes and her strong confidence, which she transmitted to others. Love for life and love for colours! I will always remember her dressed in beautiful shades of pink and red!  She seemed to always know how to encourage us young actors and give us exactly the right energy at the right time! Whenever Connie was with us, we knew she was a special presence, we were in good hands and that she would direct us to our best potential.

I met Connie when I was a teenager in Turin and so I always felt like she was like a family figure to me. I started acting with her back in 2005-06 with a Monologue show performing in Mongreno theatre on the hill. I came back to do Only Yew, joining Ett again after some some years in Rome. I was so happy to be part of it again! I remember her smiling and telling me how much I had improved..

That cheeky smile and her funny ways. I will never forget my last evening with her, last year in 2014, before leaving for Australia we had a glass of wine after a rehearsal one evening, I think Maria was with us... (And you Susan ? ) A good chat, chuckle and she wished me well. Thank you for everything Connie. We will always miss you. Xx "                                     Sonia Rossi

Dear Connie,
they asked me to say a few words about you.  A list may help my poor English in such a difficult task ! 

I can’t forget
your joyful laughter when acting, scene and everything was ok
your “stop”  shouted when something was wrong
your enthusiasm transmitted to all of us
your skill really made the difference
your being our leader  but
your making each of us feel important, appreciated and be part of the group independently of our task
your opening to me the theatre unknown world

I could keep on writing more and more about you but I must leave space to the other members of the group.

I know that soon or later we will meet again in the ETT heaven and our show will go on from where you left it. It  is just a temporary interruption.                                                                                                                                                                     Laura Zanasi

Thank you for sharing your memory of Connie.
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Sweet dreams Connie (taken on the set of The Odd Couple a rare moment of tranquility for our Director)

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