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An Evening of Theatre in English


An Evening of Theatre in English, a series of six short vignettes by various authors, with two original scenes written by group members Sally Rava and Anne McKenzie 

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Ruth Chandler
Fay Prendergast
Anne Mackenzie
Connie Quercetti
Sally Rava
Ruth Thomas
Luisa Frassinelli
Silvia Iannazzo
Jennifer Chubinski

Five Women in Search of a Play - by Sally Rava

A group of ladies try to find the perfect play to produce for the annual Arts Festival. 
6.15 on the 104 – by Elinor Jones
A comic scene set on a New York bus. Rosie briefly meets a number of odd characters who engage her into conversation on her short journey across town. 

Shopping Trip – by Anne Mackenzie

A monologue written and performed by theatre group actress Anne Mackenzie. Her character, Mrs Cole, tells the audience of her search for the perfect outfit for a function she is due to attend, and in the process we learn a little about her shopping obsession, her need to look fabulous and her inattentive husband. 

Reincarnation - by Jessica Litwak

Rosie visits Madame Ceuili, a fortune teller with dubious credentials, a love of money and unconventional advice. 

Composing Tchaikovsky - by Laura Edmondsen

Tells the story of two women in the great composer's life: his wife, with whom he had a brief and disastrous marriage, and who speaks from the asylum to which she spent many years of her life; and his benefactress with whom he exchanged numerous letters but never met. 

Stepping Out – by Richard Harris

A tap dancing class is in place, where instructor Mavis and po-faced pianist Mrs Fraser try to teach the ladies the tap dancing steps and routines.

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