ett - brings something unique to the theatres of Torino

What is ett all about?

ett started back in 2001 when Connie Kelly Quercetti, the first president of the group and Fay Prendergast, both now sadly departed, decided that Torino needed an English speaking theatre group.  Their joint energy, passion, experience and love of the theatre drew others into the group including many with no experience at all.  Meetings and rehearsals were originally held in cold and draughty church halls and so were the shows.  These early shows were attended by family, friends and members of the International Women's Group who still support the group as one of their activities.  Word soon spread...............
........ and here we are now in 2016 a thriving group, with larger numbers in both our membership and our audiences.   As part of the international community, ett’s membership is constantly changing, though there’s a core group of stalwarts who’ve been involved for many years.  

Take a look at our current members and if you would like to join us.  Simply fill in the form.

You do not have to be a member to help and support ett you could become a Patron by making a small donation.  Our Patrons help us to move forward and fund our next show.  If you want to support our group or would like more information please contact our fundraising director click to send her an email.

Following the recent death of Connie, we now have a page dedicated to her and our memories of her, if you wish to see it please click here

ett is also proud to support one of the IWCT's seclected charities Io Sto con Regina Margherita. To find out more about the wonderful work this charity does take a look at their website 

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